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Since 1992, Protek Elektroteknik has been continuing to develop its engineering services in electrical energy sector.

Control of commercial buildings, hospitals, public buildings and industrial facilities in the context of occupational health and safety, application of international standards required for efficient and healthy use of energy constitutes the main axis of activities of Protek Elektroteknik.

Protek Electrotechnics; with expert and distinguished staff, performs supervision, consultancy and supervision services. It places all certification requirements on this main branch and works within the scope of ISO 9001 and 17020 standards.

Protek Electrotechnics; TÜRKAK Type A Inspection Establishment under ISO IEC 17020. List is below.

Protek Electrotechnics; Applications in Turkey in addition to the standards and regulations in force in the sector based on the safety standards and regulations adopted by the European Union is increasing with each passing day.

* Electrical Installation Controls Under 1000 V – IEC 60364-4-6

* Grounding IEC 60364-4-6

* Lightining Protection IEC 62305

* High Voltage Systems Controls

* Energy Analysis and Harmonics IEC 50110

Standart : TS EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012
Accreditation Number : AB-0416-M